• Stars Be Original

Who we are and what we do

Our company provides service of entertainment for the greatest tourist companies in the world. Our 20-years experience gives us a leading role in more than 200 resorts in the most beautiful places in the world. Nearly 800 members of our staff work all around the world having just one goal: bring a smile on our guests’ face. We entertain 6000 people per day.

How do we stand out? Through the originality we put in what we do. In many years we have created hundreds of unpublished productions and highly impressive shows.

This is our story: in 1998 Rent Hotel, a group of 5 resorts, asks us to deal with international entertainment. This is how our “adventure” around the world started.
In 2000 we began the selection of personnel for one of the biggest tourism brand: and so e.motion team was born.

In 2005 we started Movida, the first company focusing on training and giving birth to a specific recruiting system of 3 stages a year.

In 2013 Movida became Stars Be Original, a leading company in tourism. After years of fieldwork, we have been able to shape a revolutionary management system, to develop and improve interaction with the members of the staff located all around the world.

Today our organization includes: 1200 employees, 600 selected members of the staff, 1000 work permits, 2000 scheduled flights.

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