Who is the Chief Entertainer

The Chief Entertainer is responsible of all the activities of the entertainers: he/she the person all the entertainment departments refer to. The Chief Entertainer plans and supervises the development of the program required by the hosting brand, working together with the hotel staff.

The Chief Entertainer puts the experience at the service of the members of the staff, becoming their leader, motivating them to perform their tasks at their best. He/She perfectly knows all the entertainment roles, for the reason that he/she has held the same roles in previous seasons. He/She is always punctual and in the front line, setting a good example to the staff.

He/She has developed artistic skills and uses the microphone in a very excellent way. He/She has a strong sense of responsibility and leadership, as well as collaboration and problem solving skills.

The Chief Entertainer is the link between the Hotel Management, the Tour Operator and the Entertainment Company. Together with the Assistance, with which he/she has to create an excellent cooperative relationship, the Chief Entertainer is responsible of the whole program, working together with the headquarters also for personnel management aspects.

The entertainment, led by its leader, is the feather in the cap for those who decide to take a holiday in a tourist resort. There usually is a loyal relationship between the Chief Entertainer and the guest, whose holiday choices are often influenced by the staff.

In international hotels, the Chief Entertainer interacts also with other teams and their managers, tailoring programs to suit all international guests needs.

That’s why it is very important to have an advanced knowledge of foreign languages. English, Spanish, and French are the main requested ones, in order to communicate and promote the activities to all the guests.

Some benefits:

  • You can work on the most beautiful beaches of the world

  • Fun is guaranteed

  • You can meet other extraordinary Superheroes

  • Swimsuit and flip flops all day long smile glass

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What we are looking for in a superhero?







The Chief Entertainer of Stars Be Original

To become Chief Entertainer you must have a good experience in the other entertainment roles. This role begins as a beautiful work experience in the most beautiful places in the world and becomes a real profession, giving artistic and technical skills.

There are several steps to becomming a staff supervisor, but the most important one is the ability to be a LEADER. A Chief Entertainer does not give orders: he/she carries out the tasks first, being a good model of behavior, motivating the members of the staff.

There is no specific age to becoming a Chief Entertainer, it’s determined by the experience acquired in the tourist resorts. You can work 365 days a year for the greatest tour operators in the world, in dream destinations and in enchanting hotels.

The AlpitourWorld Group is our main partner, to which we offer our entertainment services all over the world. A professional company offering more than 300 hotel facilities in dream destinations. 
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Do you want to be a Chief Entertainer?

Why being a Chief Entertainer around the world?

This job is a way of life, a way of being.
Living 365 days with warm weather, discovering the most beautiful places in the world and working for just one big goal: make people smile!

To start this profession you don’t need a great motivation: you just have to decide when to leave for a journey that will change your life.
Meeting hundreds of new people every week is a personal enrichment that will remain in your heart forever, learning how to stay with guests, understand their needs, and satisfy their demands.

What our entertainers think about us


It all started 6 years ago, by chance, having the desire to travel, discover new places and learn foreign languages. Since that moment I’ve never stopped, and I’ve known the true spirit of the entertainment of Stars Be Original. Understand your mission, be a 100% artist, put smiles on someone’s face. I’m feeling perfectly in compliance with the requirements of my company, I’m in the right place and season after season I’m getting more and more inspired. I don’t regret any past experience, because it has helped me to grow, improve and become what I am today.


A great choice!
Working with STARS has given me the opportunity to travel to wonderful places like Mexico, Menorca, Tenerife, Cape Verde and Sharm El Sheikh believing in my talent, giving me confidence, making me feel at home every day. I recommend STARS because it can give you the opportunity to work with very important brands such as Francorosso, Alpiclub, Swantour, Bravo Club, Karambola etc.
A big thank you to Ciro who has always made me feel at home and helped me when I was in need. 

Headquarters do an excellent job, they frequently organize Factories to train and select new entertainers. They are also on time for payment of wage.


I’ve been a part of this family for four years and a half. I entered as a sportsman and after years I managed to be a Destination Friend for Francorosso. I always feel comfortable and when I ask for support they are always ready to help me. 


I’m Riccardo and I’ve been senior supervisor for three seasons with the STARS family. Thanks to them I’ve been lucky enough to work and live in wonderful places that I didn’t even know. Based on your abilities and interests, they find the ideal solution to better express your skills. This is a job that allows you to dream and STARS is the means to live your true and original dreams.

#Beoriginal #Bestars #Bedreamer


I’ve worked for many years for a very important entertainment agency, then I chose to change because there was something missing in me... that something was feeling at my best, feeling 100% appreciated, feeling just like home... that’s what Stars Be Original is to me... now I am super happy and proud to be part of it!


I’ve been in this job for 24 years and 11 years ago I met STARS. A real family, the best in terms of reliability and professionalism, made up of many experienced people, that give you the tools to make your job the best in the world. A choice I took and that I would take again a hundred times.


I’ve been working with STARS for almost two years now. They gave me the chance to travel around the world, to see beautiful places like Marsa Alam, Minorca, Mauritius, Sharm El Sheikh, and see all of this doing the work that I love, helping me to grow just like I can do in a real family.


I’ve been working with STARS since 2012, in Alpi Club and Francorosso, and I’ve always been happy. In my experience I’ve evidence that STARS is a family in two different circumstances and for me actions speak louder than words…


I’ve been working with STARS for two years and I’ll keep on doing it! STARS is a part of my LIFE, and above all I feel respected as a worker and as a person.


It’s been two years since I’ve joined STARS family. At last I can say that I’ve found a serious company to work in the utmost serenity and professionalism having also the chance of a professional growth.


I’ve been working with Stars Be Original for 6 months and I am very happy to be part of this family! I like it because I feel I can really have the opportunity to do the work that I love… we are not numbers, we are superheroes!!!

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