Who is the Contact Entertainer

He/She is the soul of the resort, a friendly presence and a discrete confidant. The smile is his/her asset!

His/Her day is spent having fun with guests, listening and talking, with the right mix of cheerfulness and moderation.

From the beach to the pool, his/her essential task is to create a relationship with adults and children, girls and boys, knowing how to recognize who is before him/her, modeling the conversation according to the listener, choosing the right topic.

He/She can be an elder brother or sister for teen-agers, a son or daughter for families, a grandchild for old people and a funny fellow traveler for young couples.

Charm, friendliness and diplomacy are his/her personal and professional characteristic; the Contact Entertainer has no specific artistic talent, his/her stage is the beach. He/She will show all his/her communicative talent during the day, conquering the audience during theatre performances.

Some benefits:

  • You can work on the most beautiful beaches of the world
  • Fun is guaranteed

  • You can meet other extraordinary Superheroes

  • Swimsuit and flip flops all day long smile glass

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What are we looking for in a Superhero?







The Contact Entertainer of Stars Be Original

The Contact Entertainer can speak English and French, which allow him/her to create relationships also with international guests. Having a knowledge of different languages ensures more job opportunities.

In order to become a Contact Entertainer, you have to attend a 3-day training Stars Factory in an Italian hotel: you will be surrounded by the world of resorts, with theoretical and practical lessons of the basics of entertainment. Only on spot experience will then show the real essence of what STARS considers the best job in the world.

The minimum age is 18. A true professional investment in your future makes you upgrade to new important roles, even up to Chief Entertainer.

Stars Be Original gives you the opportunity to work on the most beautiful beaches around the world 12 months per year, ensuring a good business continuity. Effort and dedication are the code words for a further collaboration.


With passion and enthusiasm, the Contact Entertainer will have the chance to get in contact with different cultures and countries.

AlpitourWorld Group is our main customer and the biggest Italian tour operator. With them you will work in more than 300 resorts all over the world, bettering yourself as an entertainer of the future.

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Why being a Contact Entertainer?

It’s not just a job, but a real mission: creating a pleasant, stimulating and motivating environment in which the guests can spend their holiday, which will make a good memory for the rest of their lives.
Can you imagine a pizza maker after spending his holiday with you? His pizza will definitely be more delicious thanks to you!


What our entertainers think about us


I’ve worked for STARS for only 4 months and this is my first experience as entertainer. This first season is almost at the end but I can say I really enjoyed it. Living far from home and working with people, I have grown up and learnt a lot. I really hope to keep working with STARS because I still have many things to learn and many places to visit.


Good Morning from Marsa Alam! My experience with STARS has been formative and important, helping me to get to know new countries and cultures. Long story short: 8 years of outstanding emotions, working and making new and unique friends.


This is my second season. It’s an unforgettable experience, that everybody should try: you can do what you really love, having fun and overcoming your limits!

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