Who is the Choreographer

The Choreographer is the main protagonist of the stage and, together with the dancers, he/she is part of the artistic department of the entertainment. His/Her reign is the theatre, where he/she conceives, puts together and stages the evening exhibitions, always in collaboration with the Chief Entertainer, who organizes the evening schedule as the format suggests.

The Choreographer has strong artistic flair and passion for the world of dance and theatre. This role requires leadership, good teaching and communication skills. The staff is often composed of people who have never approached the world of theatre, no sense of rhythm or even stage fright. A good Choreographer makes sure that his/her directions come across clearly to the dancers.

He/She ensures that the rehearsals, which often take up the free time of the members of the staff, are a pleasant moment, turning positive or negative feelings into stamina to perform.

This role requires great social perceptiveness, patience and good teaching skills. It’s a profession that can give the basic knowledge for a long-lasting career too.

Prior experience in Dance Schools or Courses and organization/versatility skills are key factors to achieve a great result.

It is often during the rehearsals that relationships and team spirit are strengthened.

Some benefits:

  • You can work on the most beautiful beaches of the world

  • Fun is guaranteed

  • You can meet other extraordinary Superheroes

  • Swimsuit and flip flops all day long smile glass

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What we are looking for in a superhero?







The Choreographer of Stars Be Original

The knowledge of foreign languages is very useful to lead international team. English, French and/or Spanish are the most popular required ones.

The Choreographer has a high level of artistic ability, coming from not always similar previous experiences, but also through other work experiences for example as a Fitness Instructor.

The minimum age is 18. Although you need management skills that are acquired only with a more mature age. There is no maximum age limit, but good physical fitness is necessary.
The role of Choreographer can be seasonal or have an annual continuity. It is especially required in  the AlpitourWorld Group work teams. Over 300 hotel facilities where you can work are located in the most remote and fascinating corners of the world: what are you waiting for?

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Why being a Choreographer?

There’s nothing better than dancing and teaching others to dance. The standing ovation is pure joy and you, hand in hand with your colleagues, watch them clapping just for what you have created on the stage. You’re so happy, walking on air... and exactly at that moment you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else, because everything is possible, you are the happiest person in the world, indeed you all are the happiest people in the world...


What our entertainers think about us


I’ve worked for STARS for only 4 months and this is my first experience as entertainer. This first season is almost at the end but I can say I really enjoyed it. Living far from home and working with people, I have grown up and learnt a lot. I really hope to keep working with STARS because I still have many things to learn and many places to visit.


This is my second season. It’s an unforgettable experience, that everybody should try: you can do what you really love, having fun and overcoming your limits!


Good Morning from Marsa Alam! My experience with STARS has been formative and important, helping me to get to know new countries and cultures. Long story short: 8 years of outstanding emotions, working and making new and unique friends.

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