Who is the Fitness Instructor

He/She is one of the main protagonists of the daytime activities in the resort, a concentration of energy and charm which he/she transmits during his/her events.

With technical knowledge and strong passion, the Fitness Instructor organizes common activities -such as Muscle Awakening Workout or Aqua Gym- and also Welldance or Body & Mind activity.

Vitality, technical skills and a smattering of charm are main qualities. The previous experience can certainly not be missed.

Wellness and sense of rhythm ensure an excellent performance even during the evening theatrical performances.

The role of a real protagonist is an important starting point for the most ambitious!

Do you want to be a Fitness Instructor?

Our Fitness Instructor loves all kinds of sports, willing to transmit his/her knowledge and dreams of living by the sea all year long.

The minimum age is 18 and there is no maximum age limit, passion for sport is all you need.

The knowledge of foreign languages such as English, French and/or Spanish can be useful for communicating even in front of international guests.

The AlpitourWorld Group has more than 300 hotel facilities all over the world: our main partner for quality and excellence.

Some benefits:

  • You can work on the most beautiful beaches of the world

  • Fun is guaranteed

  • You can meet other extraordinary Superheroes

  • Swimsuit and flip flops all day long smile glass

Do you want to be a Fitness Instructor?

What we are looking for in a superhero?







What our entertainers think about us


This has been my first season with STARS and I feel like I am in a real family. They give you the chance to visit wonderful places, meet a lot of people and many different cultures, but above all learn new languages.


I am a Fitness Instructor. I’ve worked for STARS for a year and it’s been a wonderful experience that let me meet a lot of people and discover sensational places. It gave me the chance to make the guests happy just with a smile. I’m a richer person. There’s no better job in the world!


After years of a boring job caged within four walls, I wanted to leave everything and throw myself into this new and unexpected experience.

I couldn’t have made a better choice.
I’ve joined the STARS family and I’ve started living at 360 degrees! This experience has become a job and I can finally use my energy, my vitality and my experience in dance, motivating everybody. Thank you STARS!


I did my Factory on February 2019 and now I have  just started my second season with STARS. I am working for Alpitour as a Fitness Instructor. I really love working with them and it’s something I would suggest to everybody. This experience helps you to grow, both in work and in personal life.


Working at STARS means, for me, being part of a big family, where everyone has the chance to stand out. I’ve been working for a year and a half and I’ve always felt good, I’ve met beautiful people and I’m happy to be a part of this word.

Do you want to work with us?