Who is the Mini Club Entertainer

The Mini Club Entertainer is one of the most unforgettable roles for the guests of the resort, especially for families, because he/she gives moments of fun that live up the children and parents’ stay. 

This role takes on a great responsibility: that’s why our staff is highly qualified, he/she knows and enforces all the rules and regulations.

He/She is an eternal Peter Pan, he/she is Alice in Wonderland! He/She will enchant even the shyest children with his/her sensitivity and organize creative games and workshops for all ages. 

He/She presents the first evening show with the legendary Baby Dance, full of energy, entertaining even parents. The Mini Club Entertainer works in a magical world, in which we put great responsibility and professionalism to give the children’s holiday a special touch.

Who is the Junior Club Entertainer

The Junior Club Entertainer has to do with teenagers. His/Her strong sensitivity makes him/her understand their interests, creating and organizing daytime and evening activities. 

That’s one of the most difficult roles for sure, it requires great responsibility and a lot of creative flair. It is not easy to spark interest in teenagers and create a close group. He/She works with his/her managers, in order to organize funny but carefully supervised events.

He/She can recognize behavioral weaknesses, supporting and facilitating the initial relationship. He/She also knows the main social networks, which allow him/her to capture the teenager attention speaking the same language.

Some benefits:

  • You can work on the most beautiful beaches of the world

  • Fun is guaranteed

  • You can meet other extraordinary Superheroes

  • Swimsuit and flip flops all day long smile glass

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What we are looking for in a superhero?







The Mini and Junior Club Entertainers of Stars Be Original

These Entertainers have a strong sense of responsibility and previous children care experiences, allowing them to easily socialize with children and teenagers. 

They know the basics of safety rules and guarantee that games and play activities are carried out in secured and supervised environments.

The minimum age is 18. There’s no maximum age limit. You could work in more than 300 AlpitourWorld Group resorts all around the world, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes while barefoot in the sand.

Let’s dive into the pool, build sand castles like a pro, chat by the sea, play volleyball or soccer matches, all carefully coordinated by a designated entertainer!

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What our entertainers think about us


I’ve been with STARS for a year and now I’m in my second season as a Mini Club Entertainer and I feel good. STARS made me discover a new world and a new me, I have done things I have never thought of doing and I found more self-esteem. I recommend everyone to try to work with STARS and do a season, you will definitely enjoy it.


I’m a Swantour Mini club entertainer at the Blue Reef. I feel at ease inside the STARS world. Thanks to them I have the opportunity to learn something new every day. I thank STARS for the opportunity I have been given.


Since I was a child, I’ve always had a passion for entertainment and exactly a year ago I joined the STARS Factory, and I’ve finally been able to work with this great family around the world. Travelling and working for them I was able to manage my life and choose to be happy even far from home. I have the opportunity to meet new people and places.


I started as an entertainer almost by chance, with the thought of having the opportunity to work doing what I like most: in contact with children and all their imagination and on stage at night. At my eighth season I can say that no choice could have been more right for me. Joining the STARS family reminds me that a smile can change the day, and that together we can be stronger. It opened my eyes to new places and experiences. What can I say? Thank you STARS!


Working with STARS has been the best choice ever, I’m having the opportunity to travel and live the world getting to know different cultures and ways of life. You have the chance to meet hundreds of different people every week and sometimes you even realize how important some guests are. I’ll always thank STARS for allowing me to have one of the best experiences of my life.

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