Who is the Singer

It’s definitely one of the roles that requires more artistic skills and creativity. His/her performances can also extend to the theatre, to enrich the evening shows with live performances full of energy and emotional impact.

There are three regular events during the day of a Singer. The first one during the evening cocktail, for a good live music session. The second one is after dinner, to warm up the audience with some Latin American or Sixties dance. The third one in the late evening, after the theatrical performance, for more music and fun to close the evening.

He/She will have a tailored repertoire, to satisfy all tastes. His/Her artistic flair will be at the disposal of the guests' requests, although these do not fully correspond with the Singer’s style.

The Singer of a tourist resort is the integral part of the entertainment staff, in spite of his/her independent role and his/her artistic skills. Set requirements are courtesy, willingness and friendliness.

A good voice and an excellent ability to adapt to new situations are the only requested skills, in a world that can be very different from the contexts in which a singer usually works. Previous experience and a great dynamism will be the icing on the cake to undertake this career.

Some benefits:

  • You can work on the most beautiful beaches of the world

  • Fun is guaranteed

  • You can meet other extraordinary Superheroes

  • Swimsuit and flip flops all day long smile glass

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What we are looking for in a superhero?







The Singer of Stars Be Original

The knowledge of foreign languages can be useful not only to communicate with the local staff or with foreign guests, but also to propose a wider repertoire of international music. English, French or Spanish are required.

A professional singer shows interest in keeping up-to-date with new Italian and international trends, and enriches his/her culture with a bit of history of music, which can be illustrated between one song and another.

Playing musical instruments is also appreciated. If you have some, you can take advantage of the air transport special prices to take them with you.
The minimum age is 18 and there is no maximum age limit. This role is seasonal and we offer the possibility of continuous employment all year long. Summer in Italy and then winter, why not... in the Maldives. Not a bad plan!

The main brands looking for this role belong to the AlpitourWorld Group, which has always been a symbol of professionalism. What are you waiting for?

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Why being a Singer around the world?

Because singing is nice, but it’s even nicer when you sing in the Caribbean.

Don’t wait for someone else to take your place!

What our entertainers think about us


From a personal point of view, I must give them 5 stars as rating. I’ve always been respected and appreciated in my role. STARS forms the staff and plans our locations in a very professional way. The organization of the company, the reliability and the timely salary payments are very positive thing for seasonal workers like me, and the proposals for the next season are well in advance.


This is my first experience in Egypt, Sharm el-Sheikh.
A very unusual destination for me, turning into a wonderful one after a while. I would like to continue my journey in STARS around the world, but hoping to come back here. The collaboration with the agency has been very good, even though new, starting from the three days of training, where I immediately found myself in a big family full of smiles and fun.
Even here in Sharm if you are in need you know that the agency is always present.


Good Morning from Marsa Alam! My experience with STARS has been formative and important, allowing me to know new countries and cultures. Long story short: 8 years of outstanding emotions, working and making new and unique friends.

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