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Who is the Tourist Assistant

The Tourist Assistant is the main contact person for the guests, ensuring that all the services of the holiday package are included. It is a role of responsibility and professionalism, which improves management and problem-solving abilities, through an unforgettable experience in the most beautiful places all over the world.

Through sensitivity and empathy, the Tourist Assistant can fulfil the guests needs, in order to turn their holidays into a peaceful and amusing dream. It’s a complex role, requiring good technical skills and know-how, along with a good dose of diplomacy and helpfulness.

He/She is the first person that the guest meets once landed and the last before boarding. He/She is the kind smile that welcomes you and the professional kindness whenever you need it. He/She can be the guiding light that dissolves the fog that could cast a shadow over the peaceful stay at the resort.

He/She ensures the best comfort inside the resort and guarantees unforgettable experiences outdoors, proposing a lot of excursions to the guest, inviting them to discover the beauties of our destinations.

We like to call him/her “the perfect advisor of your holidays”, moved by a great passion and a sense of duty.

Ecco alcuni vantaggi:

  • You work 365 days a year in the most beautiful places in the world

  • Improve your foreign languages

  • Increase your cultural background

  • Better your skills

Do you want to be a Tourist Assistant?

What are we looking for in a superhero?







The Tourist Assistant of Stars Be Original

We are leader in the field of providing tourism services. Our headquarter is made up of experts from every tourism sector. This gives us the chance to heighten quality and to train professionals able to organize and handle tourist resorts.

Personnel recruitment and selection is carried out by our designated office, then people selected has to attend a specific training by the Assistance Campus. Our skilled instructors guide the candidates through their whole teaching program. We train Tourist Assistants only for the AlpitourWorld Group.

This is why the program is focused on practice and the quality standards of the Group since the very beginning.

The result is the creation of different professional profiles designed to satisfy our Partner requests.

It is very important to know other languages: English, French, Spanish, even Arabic are essential to communicate with other members of the staff, locals, as well as tour guides and international guests.

The minimum age is 21. There’s no maximum age limit, but spirit of adaption and previous work experience are necessary if an adult.

This role gives you the amazing opportunity to work 365 days per year in more than 300 resorts located in the most charming places around the world. A great working chance and a special human experience. What are you waiting for?

Do you want to be a Tourist Assistant?

Why being a Tourist Assistant in holiday resorts?

You will improve the knowledge of foreign languages, your cultural background, your relational and professional skills. You will give the best support in any situation with strategic planning skills and experience gained. You will become the person who your guests refer to, helping them to fully enjoy their holiday with great professionalism and sense of duty.



What our entertainers think about us


Good Morning from Marsa Alam! My experience with STARS has been formative and important, helping me to get to know new countries and cultures. Long story short: 8 years of outstanding emotions, working and making new and unique friends.


I’ve worked for STARS for only 4 months and this is my first experience as entertainer. This first season is almost at the end but I can say I really enjoyed it. Living far from home and working with people, I have grown up and learnt a lot. I really hope to keep working with STARS because I still have many things to learn and many places to visit.


This is my second season. It’s an unforgettable experience, that everybody should try: you can do what you really love, having fun and overcoming your limits!

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